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woman in black lingerie

women in black lingerie

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Men love black
Women ask us all the time, "What should I wear for my boudoir photo shoot?"

We did the research and - ta da! - we learned the surprising little secret that men like black lingerie on their women.

Most people are surprised to hear this, because red screams out Passion! Love! Lust! right?


According to Tomima, the founder of a wildly successful retail business specializing in women's lingerie, HerRoom:
"I remember when I was in high school, my mom refused to let me buy red high-heel shoes.

Her reason? In her mind (as well as my father’s I later discovered) a woman walking around in red high-heeled shoes was considered a ‘woman of the evening,’ a ‘call girl,’ a woman with low morals.

Needless to say, this was news to me. Look how things have changed. I frequently slip on one of my many pairs of red-heeled shoes for a fun pop of color. And I’m not alone. All the fashion magazines have woman parading around in red shoes. It’s the new black!

Most men do not like red lingerie

I think if you polled most women, they would say that men love red lingerie. We at HerRoom sold a bunch over the holiday.

But, according to a recent British survey most men do not like red lingerie. In fact, the color came in last as the sexiest lingerie color. What a surprise!

According to this survey, black is men’s favorite color of sexy lingerie. Coming in second is white.

Now, I find this very curious because neither black nor white is really a color. So, this feeds right into the hand of another statistic, and that is that many men are colorblind.

If you were wearing red, they may not have even known it!
Next Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor if shopping for a fun little valentine outfit for your beloved. Pick black or white. And make it very, very sheer."

Read more from Tomima's blog.
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