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What if I'm not a size 2?
Women ask us all the time, "What if I'm not a size 2? Will I still like my pictures?"

If you're female and you were raised on Planet Earth, you have body image issues. Some women have more than others, but we ALL have something going on in our own head.

Did I say it's in our own head?


Rest assured, you are beautiful at any size and it is a well-known fact that some men actually prefer full-figured.

We've worked with many plus size women, and I have to admit that their photos on the blog are among the most mentioned with admiration when new clients walk in.

dieting and lingerie

beautiful and not size 2 A few words on crash dieting
I have a few personal experiences to share on weight loss. I'm 47 now, and I've lost the same ten pounds two years in a row. I'm always in a hurry, thinking this is the best way, and when I gain all the weight back over about six months, I re-learn that being in a hurry doesn't work long-term.

That said, I have had great results initially by doing the following. I've dropped as much as seven pounds in two weeks by completely eliminating all sugar, all white food (no flour, no starch, no potato), all alcohol and all fruit. Now, this isn't the healthiest eating, but for a short period of time, you will get dramatic results.

Crash diets don't work long-
term, but they can make you
look great for a shoot...

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Crash Diets
Fit Day (the site I use to log everything I eat)
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The Boudoir Stories
We hear amazing stories about your lives. Please share the reasons why you signed up for this and what you might have done differently to change the experience.

You'll help others who are battling self-esteem and body image hang-ups by commenting on your blog posting.

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Koren Reyes, specialist in women's photography About Us

I am Koren Reyes, a Manhattan-based photographer specializing in studio portraits of women.

My clients celebrate life milestones like:

Big birthdays (30, 40, 50)

Cancer survival
Weight loss

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